Must reads April 17-23

A disarmed campus
By John Tabin, The American Spectator
Perhaps some school administrators still think that declaring a "gun-free zone" makes a campus safer; that was what legislators thought when they started passing gun bans at high schools.

Racism in the press: Imus, Duke & Jackie Robinson
By Ben Shapiro
It is a stretch to call the Rutgers players heroes; it is an insult to call the Duke players quasi-villains. And yet, that is what the press continues to do, despite the players’ complete exoneration.

‘Gun-free’ zone left VTU students defenseless
By Jacob Sullum
As Monday’s horrifying mass murder at Virginia Tech vividly demonstrated, there is a difference between feeling safe and being safe.

Must reads for March 30-April 2

Dangerous Demagoguery
Thomas Sowell
The demagoguery of the Democrats has already put them in the position where a successful conclusion of the Iraq war before the 2008 elections can be a political disaster for them. Only an American defeat in Iraq can ensure the Democrats’ political victory next year. Their only strategy is to sabotage the chances for a military victory in Iraq without being held responsible for a defeat.

Press ‘1’ for English
Investors Business Daily
In 1906, President Theodore Roosevelt signed legislation requiring people seeking to become naturalized citizens to demonstrate oral English proficiency. In 1950, that requirement was strengthened to include reading and writing, as well as speaking, English. So why do we have multilingual ballots and bilingual education?

Monday morning QBs still wrong on Iraq
Christopher Hitchens
George Bush misled the public, and both America and the world would be better off if we had never invaded Iraq.  Right?  Wrong — if you are willing to actually look at the facts.

Iraq or Afghanistan?

Charles Krauthammer

Osama Bin Laden calls Iraq the front for the Third World War; it’s strategic importance is unmistakable, to anyone who will open their eyes.  Yet Democrats in Congress say we should focus on Afghanistan.

Army rips off WW2 patriot family
William Perry Pendley

Mountain States Legal Foundation is defending a family that did its patriotic duty in World War II by allowing the army to use its property with the agreement it would be restored when the army left.  Sixty years later, the family has a Superfund clean-up site and still no help from the Army.

Congress’ new low
Investors Business Daily
Rarely has Congress done something as low as the vote to telegraph to our enemies when we will quit.  Worse still, the votes of some Senators and Representatives were swayed not by doing what’s best for our troops but bought with taxpayer-funded pork.

Must reads for March 19-23

Compassion and the decline of America
By Dennis Prager
Compassion is killing the spirit of competition and the important lessons learned from success and from failure.  Too many Americans refuse to grow up!

What about the morality of homosexual behavior
By Janice Shaw Crouse
If General Peter Pace had said Christianity was "immoral," do you think the press would have covered protests?  Instead, he said something most Americans believe — that homosexuality is immoral.

Why the screaming left wants US to lose in Iraq
By Dinesh D’Souza
…because they perceive Bush to be a bigger threat to their agenda than Bin Laden.

The Right to Bear Arms in Washington, D.C.
By George Will
Of course, the 2nd Amendment guarantees a right of the people and imposes a limitation on government — now, if only the Supreme Court will finally agree.

The Disaster that is ‘Mexifornia’

Victor Davis Hanson’s two-part follow up to his book, Mexifornia, was published Feb. 6 by Investor’s Business Daily, and it’s a must-read on immigration.


  • "The debate no longer splits along liberal-conservative, Republican-Democrat or even white-brown fault lines.  Instead, class considerations more often divide Americans on the issue.  The majority of middle-lcass and poor whites, Asians, African-Americans and Hispanics wish to close the borders.  They see few advantages to cheap service labor because they are notso likely to need it to mow their lawns, watch their kids or clean their houses."
  • "I chronicled in Mexifornia the aomaly of angry protesters waving the flag of the country they vehemently did not wish to return to …."
  • "Every time an alien crosses the border legally, fluent in English and with a high school diploma, the La Raza industry and the corporate farm or construction company alike most likely lose a constituent."