MUST READS: The Obama File

Obama’s flaws multiply – John Fund, Wall Street Journal
Barack Obama’s San Francisco-Democrat comment about how working class voters "cling to guns or religion" is already famous.  But his aides tell reporters that he is bewildered that anybody took offense.

Hey, Barack, it’s about freedom – Investors Business Daily
You wouldn’t know it from listening to Barach Obama disparage "people in small towns," but they "cling" to their guns and their faith because of a document called the Declaration of Independence, signed in Philadelphia, where church bells rang out on July 4, 1776. (more…)

MUST READS: Health care

Mandating health insurance is big mistake – Paul Hsieh, MD, Denver Post
Sen. Bob Hagedorn would force all Coloradans to purchase mandatory health insurance because it would be "immoral" to "sit on our hands and do nothing."  Massachusetts also requires all residents to purchase health insurance, but rather than creating high-quality affordable health care, the result has been skyrocketing costs, worsened access, and lower quality health care. (more…)


Hamas’ terrorist tactics not debatable – Investors Business Daily
After your house has been burglarized, your family brutalized and crowds who hate you and religion cheer in the streets at your misfortune, would you take the advice of someone who said talking will solve all your problems? No, you would see that your choice is either to move out or stay and fight.  That is exactly the choice facing Israelis.

Worshippers of Death – Alan Dershowitz, Wall Street Journal
A basic premise of warfare — that combatants can easily be distinguished from noncombatants — has changed.  As more women and children are recruited by their mothers and religious leaders to become suicide bombers, more women and children will be shot at.  That too is part of the terrorists’ game plan.

MUST READS for February

Freedom means responsibility – George McGovern, Wall Street Journal
Yes, that George McGovern:  "Since leaving office, I’ve written about public policy from a new perspective: outside looking in.  I’ve come to realize that protecting freedom of choice in our everyday lives is essential to maintaining a healthy civil society."

Dems are dumping ‘paygo,’ hiking deficits – Wall Street Journal
The real purpose of pay-as-you-go budgeting to make spending easier but tax-cutting harder.  But after a $152 billion "stimulus" bill, another $35 billion stimulus proposed and a $597 billion farm bill extension, paygo is officially gone. (more…)