Even if Entering Iraq was a Mistake, Leaving would be Worse
Dennis Prager
The people we are fighting, including Osama bin Laden and all the variations on al Qaeda, know that the battle for Iraq is the battle for their future — that if they win in Iraq, they win all over the Middle East and beyond; that if they lose there, America and the West win.

Why Boycott Israel
Richard Cohen, Washington Post
In Iran, the government overturned the convictions of six men who killed a young couple because they were walking together in public. In China, local authorities seized about 60 women and forcibly aborted their pregnancies. In Russia, the Putin government expanded its control of the media. Given such a vast palette of injustice and depredations, the British National Union of Journalists made a truly original move: It singled out Israel to boycott.

Harry Reid embarrasses Democrats
David Broder, Washington Post
Here’s a Washington political riddle: As Alberto Gonzales is to the Republicans, Blank Blank is to the Democrats — a continuing embarrassment thanks to his amateurish performance.  If you answered " Harry Reid," give yourself an A.

One Choice in Iraq
Sen. Joseph Lieberman, Washington Post
Last week a series of coordinated suicide bombings killed more than 170 people — innocent men, women and children indiscriminately murdered on their way home from work and school.  If such an atrocity had been perpetrated in the United States, our response would surely have been anger at the fanatics responsible and resolve not to surrender to their barbarism.

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