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Conservative’s shouldn’t give up global warming fight
Steven Milloy
In the cover story of the June 25 National Review, software company CEO Jim Manzi wrote that conservatives should stop "denying" that humans are warming the planet.  Manzi says conservatives should believe in global warming, not because of "liberal scaremongering … but because of the underlying physics" — which he apparently doesn’t grasp in the least.

Iran’s proxy war
Joseph Lieberman
While some will no doubt claim that Iran is only atttacking U.S. soldiers in Iraq because they are deployed there — and that the solution, therefore, is to withdraw them — Iran’s parallel proxy attacks against moderate Palestinians, Afghans and Lebanese directly rebut such claims.

Democrat candidates ‘out there’ on education
Richard Cohen
It must have sounded reassuring to big-city education unions and politicians with a gift for exacerbating racial paranoia. But to the kid in the classroom, to a parent bucking the bureaucracy, the rhetoric must have sounded like a "surge" of money instead of men or, as we used to say, throwing good money after bad.

Need or need?
Walter E. Williams
The implication of an absolute, crying, dying or urgent need is that one cannot do without the need in question. Students sometimes say they absolutely need a car or a cell phone. At that point I ask them, how in the world was it that Gen. George Washington could defeat Britain, the mightiest nation on earth, without a cell phone or a car?

Goodbye McCain-Feingold?
George Will
McCain-Feingold’s actual purpose is to protect politicians from speech that annoys them. That is why McCain says he regrets WRTL’s victory because it will allow groups “to target a federal candidate in the days and weeks before an election.”


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