Ritter again campaigning on your nickel

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Denver Daily News reports that Gov. Ritter’s administration is again using your tax dollars to mislead you on election day.  This time, rather than promoting his own tax increase, Ritter’s Office of Economic Development is pouring cold water on Amendment 46, which would prohibit discrimmination based on race and gender:

The Colorado Civil Rights Initiative (CCRI) said Ritter’s Office of Economic Development used taxpayer funds to promote a Sept. 22 event titled “Amendment 46 and How it Could Affect Your Business.” The event featured a speech by Michael D. Sumner, PhD, a staunch critic of the proposed amendment.

Invitations to Sumner’s speech were printed on the Office of Economic Development letterhead. Under Colorado’s Fair Campaign Practices Act, the Colorado Supreme Court established that public officials are not permitted to use public funds for the purpose of expressing “an unbalanced position on a ballot measure.”

“Gov. Ritter is certainly entitled to his own political viewpoint, but he crosses the line when he uses our hard earned money to promote this agenda,” said a statement from Amendment 46 executive director Jessica Peck Corry. “Taxpayers should be outraged by this violation of our state’s Fair Campaign Practices Act.”

Ritter’s office said they were wrong to print invitations on state letterhead, but added that no taxpayer money was used for the event.

“We made a mistake in style and substance, and we will rectify it the best we can,” said Don Elliman, director of the Office of Economic Development.

No taxpayer money was used?  Apparently, Gov. Ritter’s employees are unaware that everything they do on the job is “at taxpayer expense.”

The “mistake in style and substance” which Ritter’s director of EcoDevo referred to isn’t a “mistake” in that the administration mistakenly used your tax dollars to promote its agenda.  No, it’s a mistake that Ritter’s cronies got caught using your tax dollars to promote their agenda.

Good work by tireless Amendment 46 spokeswoman Jessica Peck Corry for sniffing this one out and taking the Governor to task.


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