Just how much is Colorado senator Ken Salazar drinking the do-nothing Democrats’ anti-exploration koolaide these days?

So much that before the Senate adjourned for summer recess, he stood time after time after time to block attempts to allowing drilling on the Outer Continental Shelf if gas more than doubles in price.


Salazar refused to allow a vote to declare an emergency even if gas reaches $4.50 a gallon. He said it’s no emergency if gas reaches $5 a gallon … or $7.50 a gallon … or, get this, even $10 a gallon!

In fact, he called developing America’s domestic oil and gas resources a “phantom solution.”

The only phantom is the myth that Salazar still has an ounce of common sense.

Most Americans think $4 gas is outrageous and that developing our own energy sources right here at home — rather than paying $700 billion a year to Saudi Arabia and Hugo Chavez — is a mighty fine idea.

There’s no sensible reason we shouldn’t be developing all practical energy sources — not excluding some because they don’t fit into the do-nothing Democrats’ radical environmental agenda.

Ken Salazar’s objections would be just plain silly if he wasn’t putting the pinch on hard-working families who are trying to make ends meet — without the benefit of a fancy U.S. Senator’s salary.

2 Thoughts on “Even if gas goes to $10, Salazar says no to drilling”

  • You get what you pay for. We elected this moron and now we are paying the price. If this is the best representation we have in Colorado, we are in deep trouble.

  • Why are the democrats reprising the Jimmy Carter “we must all share in the suffering” mentality? Why must there be no hope in sight? What is next, Gulags in Nevada where the nuclear waste should be buried?

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