He says, “Nobody is talking about some government takeover of health care.”  He says, “If you’ve got health insurance, you like your doctors, you like your plan, you can keep your doctor, you can keep our plan.  Nobody is talking about taking that away from you.”

That’s what he says now, but that’s not what he said when he thought no one — except the single-payer zealots — was paying attention.


2 Thoughts on “Obama explains how ‘public option’ will end private insurance”

  • Sen. Bennet’s out pitching ObamaCare. He’s asking providers for horror stories. Lying when he says admin costs would be lower under public option health plan. Promising benefits to small employers that never would materialize.

    Sen. Bennet is dropping his show of moderation, letting voters see that he’s a hard left radical who believes in Canadianizing American health care.

    Why doesn’t he ask doctors, nurses and administrators about their success stories? There are many more health care success stories, but Bennet only wants to hear about the failures?

    Why is he lying about administrative costs. On a per beneficiary basis, Medicare’s admin costs are higher than those of private insurers.

    Why is Bennet lying about the so called benefits to small businesses and their worker who will lose their businesses and jobs under ObamaCare?

    Doctors and nurses aren’t as dumb as Bennet thinks. They know it will be harder and more costly for them to deal with government bureaucrats than with insurers.

    Bennet should be easy to beat in 2010.

  • Who Lies??
    Right now corporate bureacrast are calling the shots on your healthcare and the cost is far greater than it is under any existing governemnt system.
    So who is lying?
    If only we had been as critical of the BushCheney administration for their lies and deceit as well as outright crimes and tax raise in the form of wild spending without accountability.
    The insurance companies themselves admit they cannot compete with single payer or a public option – even though details of what a public option may look like are scarce. That’s why they ha worked very hard and spent boucoups dollars on misinformation, and your elected officals to maintain their catbird seat.
    Mandating and subsidizing healthcare will not fix those problems.
    Fact is that under the current private for profit health insurance regime healthcare is rationed in a number of different ways, but mainly for the profit of the corporation. Cost of the insurance package and what it covers is one way ratoning occurs; many plans place limits on which doctors and facilities can be used; Often outright denials of coverage which you have paid for and are in your contract – the list goes on and on – but the main issue really is that we are paying anywhere from 8% to 30% more for healthcre to support a corporate parasite.
    Choice of doctor and service providers is also rationed in many cases if not most.
    Under the current system close to 30 % of your premium dollars go to support lavish corporate executive compensation and retiremnt packages whether or not they perform, as well as advertising and dollars sent to lawmakers and lobbying effortsto maintain the grip private for profit health insurance has on our nation’s healthcare system.
    Single payer outcompetes private insurance everyday.

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