Colorado’s junior U.S. Senator Ken “Silly Sally” Salazar added another layer of nonsense to his no-energy policy recently when he suggested releasing 70 million barrels of oil from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

To be fair — and proving once again that “even a stopped clock is right twice a day” — there is some merit to releasing oil from the SPR when prices are high and replenishing those supplies when prices recede.  But that’s about as close as Silly Sally gets to a bright idea.

A release would certainly increase domestic supplies temporarily, but remember that oil trades in a world market which consumes some 85 million barrels per day.  The problem with releasing 1 to 4 million barrels of oil per day from the SPD is that it would not be sustainable — unless backed up with tangible evidence that the U.S. or others are serious about increasing production to sustain that supply in the future.

The SPR contains 700 million barrels of oil — or enough to replace all foreign imports for 58 days.  During Desert Storm in 1990-91, the U.S. released 21 million barrels to cushion against the disruption of oil supplies from the Persian Gulf.  After Hurricane Katrina, 11 million barrels were released into the market place.  Contrast that to the 70 million barrels that Silly Sally wants us to release now.

If only Silly Sally were as gung-ho about developing domestic petroleum from new sources right here at home in the Outer Continental Shelf, in Alaska or in the Green River Basin as he is about selling off our reserves, his suggestion might be taken seriously.

As it stands, his energy policy could just as easily come from a teenager who doesn’t want to get a summer job and prefers to finance his goofing off by spending down the savings account that his grandmother left for him.

Again, however, Silly Sally refuses to seriously consider a comprehensive energy policy that includes developing existing sources of petroleum, moving forward with development of new petroleum sources such as oil shale, utilizing Colorado’s vast supplies of natural gas in a responsible manner, and doing all of that to build a bridge to a time when renewable sources or new technology provide an viable alternative.

Good grief, even Paris Hilton has a better energy policy than Ken Salazar!

One Thought on “On energy, Paris Hilton makes more sense than Ken Salazar”

  • Absolutely loved your analogy about the teenager who refused to get a job preferring instead to spend his grandmother’s gift of a saving account. It is absolutely amazing to watch the flip flopping of the Udalls and Obamas of the world when they find themselves on the wrong side of the issue from a public sentiment fact. I’ve been amazed at how they trot out solutions like the SPR which everyone agrees would have no impact to look like they are being responsive to voter concerns when they have absolutely no intention of addressing the actual problem.

    I don’t more which was more amazing when Obama essentially said he lied about his opposition to NAFTA during the primaries, because he was appealing to those voters, or that the media went beyond merely ignoring Obama admitting to political pandering for votes, to actually celebrating it as showing his political astuteness reversing key positions he held in the primary in order to appeal to a different demographic in the general elections.

    This as much as anything shows the elitist mentality of the liberal elite, not only do they feel they know what is best for us, but they feel we are either so naive or ignorant that they can tell us whatever we hear in order to get elected, and then return to Washington with their agendas intact regardless of their constituents desires and values.

    America wants leadership that is sincere in their convictions, and consistent in their words, and actions. Telling us what we want to hear, may actually work once in a short term election cycle if you have little public record to hold you accountable, but it sure is going to be heck on the reelection campaigns.

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