Kudos to David Harsanyi for his excellent column, “C’mon, admit it.  Twitter is useless.”

To this point, I’ve found Twitter so aggressively worthless that I was forced to research exactly what I was missing. In the process, I stumbled across a useful New York Times tech column penned by David Pogue that clarified all. The headline read, “Twitter? It’s What You Make It.”

In summation, like your beloved pet rock, Twitter is useful only in your imagination.

He won’t be accused of this often, but in this case, David is much too kind.

Yes, I have a Twitter account, but I almost never post “random thoughts.”  Instead, I use it to link to new posts here as well as to worthwhile reads I’ve found elsewhere.

When I served in the Colorado Senate, one of the best lessons I learned is:  Every thought that passes through your mind doesn’t need to come out of your mouth. Yet that’s what Twitter encourages.  No reflection, no context, just “tweet” because everybody else is doing it.

Twitter is mental flatulence.  Period.

2 Thoughts on “Twitter is mental flatulence”

  • I’m not sure you can make as broad a statement as “Twitter is mental flatulence. Period.” To do so would be to argue that occasionally a fart smells like a rose!

    Harsanyi would have been more accurate if instead of saying “Twitter is useful only in your imagination”, he had instead said “Twitter’s usefulness is bounded only by your imagination”.

    Random thoughts: Smells like yesterday’s dinner…
    New Article Tweets from Mark Hillman: Smelling better!

    If GOP thought-leaders like Hillman can’t get on board with social media I’m worried for our party’s future with younger voters, especially when they get older and start voting!

  • Good…finally somebody has said what normal people are thinking. I watch the evening news, and not a day has passed where the idiot newscaster has mentioned “social media”, “twitter”, “facebook” etc… They always have a stupid little smile on their face when they say it…maybe because they really are excited about that story or are forced to say it by higher-up idiots!

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